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 NPT Cancer Challenge

In this picture you’ll see consultant oncologist Martin Rolles demonstrating the use of a nano facial mask. NPTCC has funded a years supply of this cutting edge equipment that has helped cut treatment times by two thirds. Patients having the old plaster masks used to have to come for three appointments to have the mask made and fitted before treatment could begin. They now come for one appointment where a sheet of specialised webbing, which has been soaked in a bath of warm water for 20 minutes, is placed over the patient covering from the top of the head to the shoulders. Its then gently pressed into place around the facial contours so that there is a gap of only about 2 mm between the webbing and the skin. Once the webbing hardens hole is cut in the mask at the precise area treatment is needed and then is it is ready for use. The patient is laid on a board to which the mask is attached, thus keeping the patients head completely immobile, this allows the radio therapy to be ultra accurate by cutting out any movement from the patient.

Nano Face Masks

Martin Rolles explaining the use of the nano facial masks to some of the team

I would like to thank all the people who helped bring this fantastic equipment to the hospital, it will allow us to provide a higher level of care to our patients

Martin Rolles

The then Mayoress and consort being shown the old breast board that NPTCC has now replaced.